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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986) are American actresses and entrepreneurs. They are fraternal twins who have appeared in television and films since infancy. Since then, they have attained international fame through numerous television programs, films, interviews, as well as commercial endorsements. As a rule, they appear together, and have filmed movies worldwide, including in London, Sydney, Paris, New York City and Rome.
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Olsen Twins Biography
They started becoming famous even since their early years. Mary and Ashley are best know for Full House because this was the very start of their career as actresses, this was happening in 1987. During the filming of Full House, the beautiful twins also did some direct-to-video movies.

Shortly after their breakthrough in the movie world, Mary and Ashley started their own company (1993), Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC which was making and selling video games, movies, magazines and other stuff.

They also joined the fashion world and started their own clothing line in Wal-Mart stores, Mary-Kate was named a fashion icon for her clothing style. It seems that it was meant for the beautiful twins to have a lot of success in every domain. We hope they will continue doing so and hope that they will pleasure us with their appearance in many successful movies from now on.
Born in Sherman Oaks, California to David Olsen and Jarnette Jones, the Olsen twins started their acting careers on the television series Full House in 1987. Hired at the age of five months, filming began with seven months. The show was widely popular during the late 80s and early 90s, and both sisters played one character, Michelle Tanner, taking turns during the tapings to do so, in order to comply with strict child labor laws regarding child actors. Because the producers did not want viewers to know that Michelle was played by twins, the sisters were originally credited as "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen", but later credited as separate people.

Shortly after the end of Full House, they returned to the entertainment industry, riding the momentum of their role on Full House by heavily merchandising their image. Taking the world of tweens by storm, their names have become a very profitable industry, with their likeness seen in clothes, fragrances, magazines, movies, posters, and even video games like Mary Kate and Ashley's Magical Mystery Mall.

In 2004 Mary-Kate and Ashley surprised many when they announced that they would be attending college after graduating high school. Most child and teenage actors usually choose to pursue acting full time after graduating from high school, with few (such as Brooke Shields, Jodie Foster, Julia Stiles, and Natalie Portman) choosing to further their education. They both studied at New York University at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study until Mary-Kate took a break in 2005 and moved back to California. She decided to stay in the west coast and pursue more individualized work with their company, DualStar. Ashley, still in NY, remains in contact with her sister.



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