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Denise Lee Richards was born on February 17, 1972 in Downers Grove, Illinois. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to California to attend high school at El Camino High as the clas of 1989.
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Denise Richards Biography
After graduation, she began to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles. She developed a modeling career in high school, appearing from Tokyo to New York. She has put modeling on the side to appear in movies.

Denise's acting career is beginning to take off, especially after two successful movies, Starship Troopers, and Wild Things. She has both the acting talent and beauty to be a big time actress, and the only thing holding her up is time. There are two more movies in the wings for Denise, which will both be released in 1999. Dairy Queens looks like it will be very promising, about beauty queens fighting for the title in Missouri.

Starship Troopers was Denise's first major film. The film itself was troubled by an expanding budget, film delays, and a poor release date. While it did well in the box office, the profits were not super.
There is talks for a part 2...hopefully Denise will return as Ms. Ibanez if they choose to do it.Exposure to the media has grown for Denise over the last year. She has appeared on almost all the major entertainment shows, including Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, and E!'s news program.She also has guest stared on The Tonight Show and presented most recently at the MTV Music Awards.



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