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At Seven years old she began by performing in a school play. A movie critic noticed her and encouraged her parents to get her an agent, and they soon did. As it turns out, it's a good thing that agent found her. She says that if she hadn't gone into acting, she would have been a runaway on Hollywood Boulevard. Or maybe even dead. One year later, Christina was signed on to perform in "Mermaids" with Cher and Winona Ryder. The role of Wednesday in The Addams Family would follow, and finally Casper, the film that established her as a child star. The film was downplayed by critics, but alas, embraced by audiences.
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Christina Ricci Biography
Christina Ricci was born on Feb. 12, 1980, in Santa Monica, CA but raised mainly in the liberal upper middle class town of Montclair, NJ. Her mother was a former Ford model-turned-real estate agent, while her father was a psychiatrist. He specialized in experimental "scream therapy," which could cause one to wonder if the regular shrieks of terror emanating from his in-home practice might have had something to do with the young girl's unusually guarded, despondent demeanor. Whatever the source of her unsettlingly mature vibe, it was obviously apparent to a local theater critic who approached her after a performance in a school play (he had come to watch his son) and suggested some avenues for the eight-year-old to get into the professional arena. Right out of the gate, she landed several commercials, before quickly advancing to a supporting role in the critically acclaimed "Mermaids" (1990), playing the long-suffering daughter of town floozy Cher and sister of the obsessively religious teen, Winona Ryder - to whom she loosely resembled.

Ricci made such a strong first impression - including winning a Young Artist Award - that the following year, she was cast in the career-defining role of Wednesday Addams in the wildly popular big screen version of "The Addams Family" (1991). This second role established Ricci as the go-to actress for unconventional young girls cursed with the lethal combination of intelligence and world-weary cynicism. Following the release of the popular sequel "Addams Family Values" (1993), her life was upended by the acrimonious divorce of her parents. Ricci went to live with her mother and began attending the Professional Children's School in New York, a private school catering to the needs of teens with careers in entertainment.

In 1995, she returned to the screen in the audience favorite (but critical flop) "Casper," lending her macabre tendencies to the adaptation of the beloved "friendly ghost" cartoon. More in keeping with the drama that first earned her reputation, she was nominated for a Young Artist Award as part of the ensemble cast of "Now & Then" (1995), a beloved chronicle of four female friendships spanning several decades. Ricci next landed a supporting role in Showtime's Emmy-winning adaptation of Dorothy Allison's heartbreaking "Bastard Out of Carolina," as well as appearing in more lighthearted family titles like "Golddiggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain" (1995) and "That Darn Cat" (1997).
In 1997, however, Ricci began to shift away from the more benign films and make a name for herself in more challenging and independent fare. The film adaptation of Rick Moody's "The Ice Storm" (1997), directed by Ang Lee, only received limited theatrical release but was one of year's critical picks and enjoyed increased popularity as a DVD release. Ricci received multiple award nominations for her outstanding portrayal of a promiscuous teen in a dysfunctional suburban 1970s family. She enjoyed even greater success with "The Opposite of Sex" (1997), earning a Golden Globe nomination and overwhelming critical kudos for anchoring the dark comedy about a cynical teen whose pregnancy upends her untraditional family.

The following year, Ricci truly came into her own with half a dozen well-respected, largely independent dramas. She was complicated, vulnerable, and eye-poppingly gaudy in actor-director Vincent Gallo's oddly engaging "Buffalo 66," playing a kidnap victim forced to pose as her abductor's wife in order to impress his parents. She followed up with more outsider roles, including that of a Barbra Streisand-obsessed artist in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and a laundromat owner who finds instant fame in John Waters' gently subversive comedy, "Pecker."



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